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The Curtiss
JN4-D2 "Jenny"

Museum Scale Kits


Proctor Enterprises JN4-D2 "Jenny" framework


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It's hard to look at a Jenny without smiling.  A Jenny pilot and author Bob Hare once wrote, "There is no pilot who has put time on a Jenny in years past who will not admit, verily, there was an airplane!  To those who teethed on a Jenny, there is something magical in recalling the feel of air pressure on her elevators or rudder; of the throbbing of her OX-5 engine pulling her out of a dirt field; of every rib, strut and wire vibrating in unison; of the fabric dancing to the same beat as she bored her way through the air."

What made the Jenny so great was her longevity.  Designed as a primary trainer for Glen Curtiss' flying schools, the outbreak of World War One put the Jenny in great demand as a military trainer.  When she received her honorable discharge at war's end, unlike many other aircraft that were mothballed or destroyed, the Jenny's second, and most famous life, was about to begin.  With more than 4,500 Jennys built and surplus prices as low as $50.00, her post-war success as the plane that taught America to fly, was all but assured.  Hundreds took to the sky all over the country.

For all of you incurable romantics, Proctor Enterprises created the Jenny in 1/6 scale for your enjoyment.  Everything but the Castor Oil has been incorporated into this museum scale kit.  Thousands of hours were involved in building, testing, and flying the prototype.

All the hardware -- nearly two pounds of it -- is individually  packaged and numbered; fittings are prefabricated, the operable turnbuckles (69 of them) are ready to tension the rigging and control cables.  The scale OX-5 engine complete, right down to the rocker arms, ready for assembly.

Only the finest woods and veneers are used, hand-selected for weight, color, and grain.  Wing tips and control surface outlines are formed round reed.  Spruce longerons are formed, beveled, and cut to length.

Once your Jenny is finished, you will continue to appreciate the design.  There is nothing so frustrating as to transport a 7-foot biplane and spending an hour at the flying field rigging your model.  For that reason, the Jenny was designed so each side's top and bottom wing panels attach to the fuselage together, fully rigged.  Insert the wing pins, connect the aileron cables and you're flying -- and flying like you have never experienced.  The Jenny's light wing loading insures those slow, stable flight characteristics necessary for authentic scale flight.

Proctor's Curtiss Jenny will take you back to a time many thought lost.  Barnstorming has never been so much fun.  All you need to add is the Castor Oil !

Click here to see more Curtis "Jenny" photos in the Photo Gallery


Proctor Enterprises JN4-D2 "Jenny"

Click here to see more Curtis "Jenny" photos in the Photo Gallery


Curtiss Jenny       KIT # 1100

Wingspan 87.25"
Length 54.65"
Wing Area 1450 Sq. Inches
Weight 11.00 Lbs.
Engine (4-stroke) .70 to .80
Price $775.00 US

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# 0 Optional Turnbuckles (Inquire)
# 32 Vintage Wheels
# 207-39 Wire-Spoke Wheels
# 225 Covering (4 rolls needed)
# 216A 14-4 Curved Flying Prop
# 244 17-8 Scale Static Prop
# 255 Laser 80 4-Stroke Engine
# 252 Laser 70 4-Stroke Engine
# 262 O.S. FS-70 Surpass Engine
# 359 Pilot
# 65 Pilot

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