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Frequently Asked Questions

At Proctor Enterprises, we pride ourselves with supplying you, the modeler, with a quality product and quality service.   We talk with modelers daily and assist them with questions regarding construction, hardware, finishing techniques, engine selection, and any other topics  that come up.  We are modelers like youself, and we love to talk aviation.   Please call us at (503) 668-8612 or email us at    We're always glad to help.   

Here are some answers to questions we are asked frequently with regards to our products.  These might help you  decide if a Proctor Enterprises Kit is right for you.





Why would anyone want to build and fly your Museum Scale Kits?

While it is true that  many of our Museum Scale Kits reside in hundreds of Museums around the world as well as corporate board rooms, offices, and locations of honor at our customers homes, they are great flying models as well.  You can see Proctor kits flying at model aircraft flying fields the world over.  You see them doing well at many of the scale contests.  In fact, at the 1999 U.S. Scale Masters Championships, Proctor aircraft finished in five of the top ten places in the Expert category and took 1st place in the Team category.  We think they are a joy to fly, and flying one yourself will bring you back to the days when flying was truly a magical combination of man and machine.

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Proctor Enterprises Museum Scale kits look so intimidating.  Do you need to be an expert builder to finish one?

Proctor Enterprises Museum Scale kits are just that, Museum Scale replicas in smaller scale.  They are extremely complete kits and most of the hard work has been done for you.  An average builder with some  stick-style building experience can easily complete a kit.  It is important, however, that you follow the instructions and plans closely.  It will be truly one of your best and most satisfying experiences.

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