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The Fokker EIII "Eindecker"

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Proctor Enterprises Fokker EIII "Eindecker"


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In the period 1914 to 1918, aerial warfare was transformed from a sporting adventure to a strategic form of battle that would change forever the way wars are won and lost.  It is probably safe to say that technical progress in aviation advanced more in these four years than in any time before or since.  Evidence the fact that a purpose-built fighter did not even exist when hostilities broke out in 1914.  Opposing parties took to the air in anything with wings.

A young, self-promoting Dutchman named Anthony Fokker saw unlimited opportunities in this new realm of flight and wasted no time selling himself and his ideas to the highest bidder.  It seems odd today that Germany, in wartime, would go outside her borders to secure the talent needed to gain air superiority, but these were desperate times.

One of the first technological breakthroughs credited to Fokker was the synchronized machine gun.  Fokker wasted little time in mounting his newly discovered firepower to the cowl of his E-type monoplane.  The nimble, single-seat Fokker's impact was quick and severe for the Allies.  Many future aces like Von Richthofen, Udet, and Immelmann got their start in the "Eindecker" and, along with other German pilots, quickly gained air superiority for the first time in the war.

The decision to produce the EIII in model form was an easy one.  Its historical significance was reason enough but there were numerous technical challenges that we were anxious to meet.  The first was the challenge of modeling a fuselage that was originally fabricated in tubular steel.  Because many of our models are built and left uncovered, this part of the airframe had to be "right".  Since tubular was out of the questions, we chose hardwood dowel as a material modelers could work with and achieve excellent results.  We painted our fuselage a light gray, and it looks great.

The Second was the use of a fully-functional wing warping system.  It is one of the highlights of the model and a great topic of conversation!

You will be introduced to the model by four sheets of detailed plans and a 49-page construction manual.  Maple longerons, reed wing tips and control surfaces are pre-formed and ready for assembly.  Most wood parts are cut, shaped, and sanded for your convenience.

The metal parts are equally impressive.  The scale landing gear features a unique shock arm system mounted within the fuselage.  These components, along with the tubular tailskid and cabane assembly, are beautifully fabricated and ready for installation.

All rigging and control cables, control horns, wing fittings, operable turnbuckles, spun aluminum cowl,   and Spandau machine gun are included.

While often overlooked, Fokker's "Eindecker" remains unique to this day.  If you are looking for a new challenge, as we were, give it a try.  We guarantee you'll enjoy it, warped wings and all !

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Proctor Enterprises Fokker EIII "Eindecker" display model

Proctor Enterprises Fokker EIII "Eindecker"

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Fokker "Eindecker" photos
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Fokker EIII "Eindecker"
KIT #1800

Wingspan 100.00"
Length 70.00"
Wing Area 1,655 Sq. Inches
Weight 15 to 20 Lbs.
Engine (4-stroke) 1.50 or larger
Price $659.95 US

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# 225 Covering (4 rolls needed)
# 246 24-8 Laminated Prop
# 351 Pilot
# 357 Pilot
# 67 Pilot
# 328C Instrument Housing
# 330 Instrument Dial Sheet
# 253 Laser 150 S 4-Stroke Engine
# 259 Laser 200V 4-Stroke Engine
# 257 Laser 300V 4-Stroke Engine
# 101 Gnome Engine Cyclinder
(9 required)
# 89 Hutson 1/4-Scale LeRhone Engine Kit

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